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Elemental. Enigmatic. Cinematic. Visceral. Vintage. Modern. Refined. Raw. These are words I would use to describe my personal aesthetic and my music. Welcome, my name is Tyler Leung Leswing and I’m a Composer, Arranger, and Pianist. I am passionate about storytelling through music, innovative approaches to composition and arranging, and music as a vehicle of self-expression. I believe in an authentic voice, bridging the old and new, and bringing joy into everyday life. 

I compose and am inspired by everything from neo/romantic classical music (Phillip Glass, Max Richter, Chopin) to contemporary jazz (Snarky Puppy, Bill Laurance, The Bad Plus) to popular music (Sia, Florence and The Machine, Coldplay, Radiohead) and film scores (Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Trent Reznor.) Essentially, there is no terrain I am afraid to enter. I aspire to be a musical chameleon with a distinctive voice. My arranging skills and style is geared towards contemporary genres of music; I enjoy working with artists and songwriters on developing their songs into full arrangements, as I enjoy helping people evolve their music to another level. I also welcome collaboration with others in any artistic fields.

My story begins in the foggy metropolis that is San Francisco, where I grew up. From an early age I had an interest in various creative pursuits, creating and designing things from building block fortresses, writing short stories, painting, and playing chess. I started playing piano at 7, begrudgingly at first, and love happened when I started improvising a few years later. That was when I first felt the jolts of immense joy playing music, and I haven’t stopped since. Always learning, always experimenting, always creating. Through the years I've explored many different types of music, and the more I explored, the more I discovered about myself and what resonates with my core. 

For me, music is incomparable in its ability to express the magic of being alive. It is a privilege and a gift to be a musician, and especially an artist. We all bring different voices to an ever-evolving society. My hope is that my work brings solace to somber moments, celebrates victories big and small, elevates the soul, and inspires us to experience our limited time on this earth in a more profound way. 

Thanks for visiting, 

Tyler Leswing